CVIIC Minigrants for Partner Organizations

The Central Valley Immigrant Integration Collaborative (CVIIC) is a regional network that was created to strengthen the capacity of Central Valley communities to serve the needs and interests of immigrant families.

To this end, CVIIC offers its partner organizations the possibility of obtaining minigrants to carry out activities that are consistent with our objectives and goals, particularly with those directly connected to our central mission of promoting immigrant integration.

CVIIC has funding available for partners organizations to carry out activities related to relevant immigration issues, including immigrant rights, DACA, naturalization, health access, as well as the AB 60 california driver’s licenses. The activities may involve service delivery and/or information. It is highly recommended that multiple issues be addressed whenever possible.

For grants dealing with immigration programs, such as DACA and naturalization, interested organizations must have undergone previous training in order to ensure a high quality of service to clients. Other information, including eligibility and application process is found in the minigrant application form.

The CVIIC minigrant application can be accessed by going to this link: